//Made in 2019// 
META_ is an online marketplace for digital-only clothing that offers consumers the benefits of fast fashion without the negative societal and environmental impact.
META_ scans your body to make a custom-fit smart suit, allowing you to map digital clothes in real time on your body thorugh the META_ marketplace. 

Intro Video

The App 

How it works 

Digital clothing is essentially code. META maps this code seamlessly onto the points on your custom-fitted META_suit. This is done using a combination of AR technology and a non-optical motion capture. Both these pieces of technology have been used in various industries and are getting more sophisticated and cheaper to use every day.

[ Full Project Coming Soon ]

Made with Upasti Basappa [CW], Cara Hanson [CW] and Jesse Lane [AD]

My role : Conception / Art Direction / UX/UI