Doritos SuperBowl  

For the release of the brand’s new Doritos 3D, and just in time for its Super Bowl LV campaign,
we launched #FlatMatthew, a campaign starring Matthew McConaughey. The idea was simple: McConaughey, an Hollywood sensation known for everything but being 'flat,' will show just how mundane 2D life is — a problem only Doritos 3D Crunch will be able to solve. (Pedro Furtado & Fabio Santoro came up with the TV.  Sophie Lichtman & I made the 360.) 

TV Spot

For the 360, we wanted fans to interact with this year's Doritos campaign from their own homes. We created a Branded Effect to turn themselves fully flat to discover what they'd look like as their own version of #FlatMatthew.
On Snapchat, we made an AR experience allowing fans to place a Doritos 3D Crunch vending machine in their home and order a bag of chips from that said vending machine.
On game day, we also made a full Twitter campaign, turning Twitter flat.

Made with Sophie Lichtman [CW]

My role : Conception / Art Direction of 360 campaign